The Beauty of Hierarchical Relationships in Coding

Admit it. By now, you have created enough components in React and models in Rails that the naming of each file start to confuse you with their purpose and order in the programming process of your application.

Though most use conventions in Rails, the naming convention in React can become quite overwhelming overtime. As coders, even spelling of English words start to confuse us as we progress in developing our applications.

Then the magical hierarchy trees/structures hit me while frustratingly working through how I mapped each of the components in the application, I pulled out powerpoint and downloaded a hierarchy tree template to map out my process. It has changed my coding life.

It helped me to organize my thoughts as I continue to build out application features and structures while providing a safe ground for ideal reference through evolution of the development.

This further re-enforces the separation of concern rules that we value. I can’t say I am an expert, but throw me any of your unstructured thoughts and I can probably happily expertly put together a complex hierarchy chart for your needs.

Small victory but one nonetheless.