Admit it. By now, you have created enough components in React and models in Rails that the naming of each file start to confuse you with their purpose and order in the programming process of your application.

Though most use conventions in Rails, the naming convention in React can become…

Create a hierarchy template to structure components that will make up your app.

Creating anything from scratch based off of an idea is scary, especially an application that can become extremely complicated as new functionalities and features are added.

That’s why it is important to compartmentalize your idea by structure your app functionalities into a hierarchy like bottom up template so you can easily track your process by putting together the small components first which will then piece together the larger components on top.

How code looks when troubleshooting

By now, I am no stranger to running into roadblocks with my code. I find myself to be my own biggest enemy while troubleshooting as lines, colors, and code start to blur.

“It is easy to see the faults of others, but difficult to see one’s own faults.”

I begin…

Jessica You

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